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Downloading trellispark Components for WASM

Downloading versions of trellispark

To download trellispark you first need to create a FREE user account on the GreatIdeaz portal: https://portal.greatideaz.com

Once you have successfully signed in.

  1. Navigate to the Releases page, you will be presented with a list of available trellispark framework Releases for download.
  2. Select the Release you wish to download to view the release notes and get a link to the associated zipx file.
  3. Download the zipx file to your computer and then unzip to obtain a set of component projects with the following folder structure:

Published Websites

These websites are .NET Core published builds that need to be copied and configured to appropriate Microsoft hosting targets.

UX-WASM-B2B – WASM Client using Azure Active Directory B2B authentication

UX-WASM-B2C – WASM Client using Azure Active Directory B2C authentication

UX-WASM-SA – WASM Client using Stand-Alone (User/Password) authentication

Rest-WebAPI-Core – Server-side Core API to access the DAS-RSS database and other secure operations

Source Code Projects

To be able to customize and compile the UX-WASM projects you will need Telerik licenses for the Blazor and Reporting components.

Shared – Shared data types, interfaces and classes used by both Client and Server-side projects

UX-WASM-Services – Services used to store application state and communicate with server-side Core API

UX-MAUI-Services – Services used to access device specific functionality when rendering the user experience

UX-WASM-Components – Blazor components used to render user experience at runtime

UX-AUTH-SA – User authentication using user/password data stored in trellispark

UX-AUTH-AAD – Use authentication using Azure Active Directory

UX-MAUI-SA – MAUI Hybrid project that uses Stand-Alone authentication and Blazor components

UX-WASM-B2B – WASM Client user experience authenticating using AAD-B2B

UX-WASM-B2C– WASM Client user experience authenticating using AAD-B2C

UX-WASM-SA– WASM Client user experience authenticating using Stand- Alone

ZEX-ExampleAPI – An example Rest API project to be used as a template

WS-Generic – Generic windows service used to process: Message Queues, Queued Commands, and Scheduled Tasks

Deployment Databases

Deployment database are Microsoft SQL Server 2019 databases that provide the Data at Rest Record Storage used by your solution.

You will need to restore your chosen deployment database to an appropriate Microsoft SQL Server installation or Azure SQL.

trellispark-dev – A backup of the latest DAS-RSS database

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Updated on June 3, 2024

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