Fields – Frequency

This field is used to display various settings that can be used to create a recurring pattern on which a particular event or task will take place. This can be scheduled for the short term such as hours or minutes, or to create a yearly schedule.

A screenshot of the frequency field in trellispark, showing the recurrence pattern and range of recurrence used to determine how often a task should take place.

The Range of recurrence determines when the first event will take place, and for how long this pattern should hold. The pattern may be set to end after a particular number of occurrences, after a particular date, or to continue indefinitely.

Here is an example of the Field Definition:

These fields are easy to set up, using only standard fields to include in a form such as an XML Element Name, Data Field Required, and Lookup Field. All the information is saved to the XML of the instance the field is on to be used however you choose. It can be used to create a recurring event for a calendar, or set a reminder schedule for notifications.

Updated on December 29, 2022

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