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Prerequisites for Using trellispark UX Creator

The trellispark UX Creator is part of the trellispark framework and is accessible from the Server Owner workspace website. The following steps are required to use the trellispark UX Creator:

  1. Download and install the trellispark software.

To learn more, go to How to download, install, and configure the trellispark framework

  1. Setup a trellispark user account to have access to trellispark UX Creator in the Server Owner workspace. As an existing Administrator of the Server Owner workspace:
    1. Open the “System Administration, Invite Users” application.
      Under the "Applications" menu, select "UX Creator" then "Invite Users"
    2. Select the “UX Creator” invitation and copy the Join Link
      Copy the "Join Workspace" link from the bottom right portion of the screen
    3. Email the Join Link to the user who needs UX Creator access
    4. After the user has joined the Server Owner workspace, you will need to make Active their user record. From the left navigation menu, open System Administration > User Administration, and select the new user
      Table displaying workspace users
    5. From the user’s command bar select the Activate User command.
      Select "activate" from the command bar at the top of the screen
  2. Create a new business workspace

To learn more, go to How to create new business workspaces within a trellispark installation


  • The database included in the trellispark installation contains only a Server Owner workspace with no users. The first user to access the new trellispark installation will be granted administrative access to the Server Owner workspace and all its applications and roles, including trellispark UX Creator.
  • The Server Owner workspace is a special workspace that should only be used by the team to create and maintain the Functionality that defines the user experience. Only people who will be allowed to maintain Functionality should have access to the Server Owner workspace and UX Creator application.

To learn more, go to How to invite users to workspaces and control their access

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Updated on June 3, 2024

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