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Using Example Functionality – Start Here

Using the example functionality

Example functionality is available for download from the trellispark academy website in the form of XML documents that can be imported into your Server Owner workspace.

To be able to import the example functionality into your solution, you need to be a user of the Server Owner workspace with access to the UX Creator application.

You can download and import as many of the example functionalities as you need.

The examples are provided to jumpstart your own solution development efforts and give you a rough outline of the sorts of concepts you might require. They are not meant to be complete data models.

Each example comes with:

  • An Entity Relation Diagram that shows the hierarchy of the conceptual model.
  • A brief description of the scope of the functionality provided.
  • A list of other related example functionality that you may also wish to consider.
Updated on February 22, 2022

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