The Barcode component is used to generate and display a barcode based on the value and type provided.

Barcode Types and Formats

There are numerous barcode types to choose from and each type has a specific format for its value. Refer to the chart below and ensure that the value you’re giving the barcode is the correct format(character set) based on the barcode type(symbology). Failing to provide a value in the correct format will cause the barcode to not render.

Component Code

The first section of the component contains all the variables needed for the component to function.


This method is called when the component is first loaded and anytime there’s an update to its parent component. This methods purpose is to pull and assign values to the various variables for the component from data in the FieldDefinition parameter and call GetBarcodeData().


This method is used to get the value of the barcode based on the Value Type specified in the field definition.

  • Static – The value is pulled directly from the FieldDefinition parameter.
  • XML Element – The value is pulled from the Instance Data from the selected XML Element.
  • Target – The value is returned from the target specified in the FieldDefinition parameter.
Updated on June 3, 2024

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