This application will help you to keep track of who is raising money for your fundraising organization. It also provides an easy way for you to share information with fundraisers through email. 

Diagram showing the relationships between concepts in the Fundraising functionality.


  • Easy access to social media – People today spend a lot of time and share a lot of information on social media, which makes it a great way to spread your message. Our fundraising applications provide a one-click link to share information to social networks, allowing you to reach a wide audience with minimal effort. 
  • Makes it easy for people to become fundraisers – People particularly interested in your cause or organization can join your workspace as fundraisers. They can be recruited through various events, resource collections, and online campaigns that you run, and share this information with their friends. Having more fundraisers creates more fundraising opportunities, and increases the number of donations. 
  • Increases fundraisers engagement – This application allows you to send out emails to all fundraisers, which can be used to let them know what your organization is doing, and how it is helping. Providing this information to fundraisers makes them more dedicated to the cause, because they know how they are making a difference. Regular contact with fundraisers keeps them familiar with the organization, and reminds them that there are lots of ways in which they can help you. On a related note – the Think Tank application lets you enter into a dialogue with your fundraisers to collaborate on ways to improve your fundraising efforts. This further engages your fundraisers with a true sense of ownership and community. 


  • Stores fundraisers’ contact information 
  • Tracks fundraisers’ success in promoting campaigns 
  • Sends outbound emails to fundraisers 
Updated on November 30, 2021

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