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The Search components are used to prefilter field components that support having a search component. They collect a set of search parameters which they convert to a single XElement which is passed back to the control that contains them. When the user selects the Search button on the search component (unless a custom implementation changes this), the XElement is sent to the underlying field component to filter results before they are rendered.


This Search component simply collects a Start/End date range that can be used to prefilter records before being displayed on a field component.

Date range search component; start date and end date may be selected (with calendar view), search button is on far right

When using the DateRange search component the reports/childlists TSQL stored procedure needs to be updated to correctly parse the search parameters.

The search parameters will be passed as the InputString parameter in the TSQL stored procedures, add the following code snippet to your stored procedure directly above your select statement:

--Parse @InputString and assign values to parameters...
DECLARE @XML AS XML = @InputString;
DECLARE @StartDate AS DATETIME = @XML.value('/DateRange[1]/StartDate[1]', 'DateTime');
DECLARE @EndDate AS DATETIME = @XML.value('/DateRange[1]/EndDate[1]', 'DateTime');
--Select statement that uses @StartDate and @EndDate to filter results...

Then use the StartDate and EndDate parameters to filter the results in your select statement.

Updated on March 29, 2023

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