Fleet Management


This application allows you to monitor a fleet of vehicles and drivers, along with the related licensing and servicing. Tracking this information in one location makes it easier to check all vehicles receive any necessary services, and know which drivers use which vehicles. 

Diagram showing the relationships between concepts in the Fleet Management functionality.


  • Track multiple fleets – Creating multiple fleets allows you to produce more relevant reports, by considering only the vehicles at one location, or including all locations for a company-wide report. 
  • Maintain your vehicles – Know when a vehicle is due for a service, and what labor is completed or which parts are replaced, to keep all vehicles in top condition. 
  • Record and resolve complaints – Recording complaints in one central location makes it easier to ensure they are all addressed in a timely manner. 


  • Record vehicle information 
    • Year, make, model, licensing, drivers, services, and contracts 
  • Document vehicle servicing 
    • Date, parts and labor required 
  • Track the insurance policies on your vehicles 
Updated on November 30, 2021

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