Human Resources


This application helps you to maximize the performance of your individual workers. It also helps you create a strong relationship with your workers, improving worker satisfaction and retention. 

Diagram showing the relationships between concepts in the Human Resources functionality.


  • Maximize the value of the relationship between each worker and the organization – Having a good relationship with your workers makes them more likely to keep working for you. Satisfied workers will do their best for your organization, and trust you to solve problems. 
  • Increase worker satisfaction, skill level and performance – This application helps you track training needs and performance of individual workers. Tracking these things lets you give your workers the necessary training, ensuring that they can perform their job well. Rewarding good performance gives workers added incentive to do their best. 
  • Reduce labor disputes and organizational risk – When workers have a good relationship with your organization, they will trust you do deal with them in good faith. This will lead to complaints being settled more easily, and will reduce or prevent labor disputes and work stoppage. 


  • Maintain worker contact information 
  • Track candidates through the screening, interview and offer processes 
  • Track positions held by workers from induction to termination 
  • Monitor performance 
  • Identify training needs 
  • Manage complaints and disciplinary actions 
  • Administration of worker timesheets, payroll, deductions and expenses 
Updated on November 30, 2021

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