Health and Safety


This application will help you to fulfil your organization’s health and safety obligations. It stores all your Safety Data Sheets in an easily accessible way, tracks any incidents that occur, and records Joint Health and Safety Committee Meeting minutes. 

Diagram showing the relationships between concepts in the Health and Safety functionality.


  • Comprehensive incident reports – Reports can include multiple witness statements and remediation plans, along with all the details required to automatically generate a health and safety incident summary. 
  • Automatically generate regulatory reports – Almost all information required for Ontario regulation reports is included in the forms, so you can save time by auto-generating the report, then filling in the few remaining fields. 
  • Add detail to contingency plans – Create contingency plans for different kinds of emergencies, with specific steps in the plan, and people who are in charge of checking that the step has been completed. 


  • Complete health and safety information: 
    • Committee meetings 
    • Contingency plans 
    • Hazard assessments 
    • Incidents 
    • Inspections 
    • SDS/MSDS storage 
  • Incident report workflow prompts investigations 
  • Generate 90% complete reports                                                                                                       
Updated on June 3, 2024

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