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Adding Configuration Lists to your Functionality

Configuration Lists are used to provide fixed lists of items that need to be added to any of the item selection controls in the user experience. The Configuration Lists are maintained as data within the Functionality. This makes them easy to maintain over time as changes to lists will not require any code changes.

Configuration Lists and Configuration Sets are each stored on the Configuration Sets tab in the functionality page, which also houses the dictionaries that may be needed by forms within this functionality.

Configuration Sets tab (currently tab 5) on the Functionality concept page

Configuration Lists will include a name, and a table of Configuration Items.

Configuration List concept

These Configuration Items can be ordered by first by sequence and then alphabetically by name. They can also be created as hierarchies, including sub items below each item within the list.

Configuration Item concept, showing the sub item options

Once you have finished creating or updating your Configuration Lists you will need to refresh the cached list storage by executing the “Refresh Configuration List” command on the Configuration List or Functionality forms.

Refresh the cached Configuration List by selecting the "Refresh Configuration Lists" command in the command dropdown (top left)

Updated on June 3, 2024

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