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Creating your Functionality with the trellispark UX Creator

In this user guide, you will learn how to use the trellispark UX Creator to create and customize the Functionality provided by your trellispark installation to produce a visually appealing, functional, and usable user experience.

Functionality is the container that collects all your customized user experience components of the trellispark framework. You may create multiple Functionalities of your own or import sample Functionality from the trellispark academy website and customize it to fit your precise business needs.

To download example Functionality that can be included in your workspaces, go to our Example Functionality page.

To create a new Functionality:

  1. Select the UX Creator application from the left navigation menu
  2. Select + Add New Functionality

Each Functionality container can have the following components:

  • Roles – Allow you to define a set of specific user roles that can be referenced in the Form Definitions and Subform Templates to restrict access to user experience components and functions
  • Form Definitions – Provides the definition of the user experience of a form
  • T-SQL Scripts – Allows a developer to add custom T-SQL that supports the Functionality you wish to deploy
  • Configuration Lists and Configuration Sets – Allows you to define a set of configurable lists referenced by the user experience components to populate lists
  • Dictionaries – Allows you to define a set of dictionaries that can be restrict user input to a set of words/phrases that can be extended on demand by users of your application
  • Data Migration – Allows a developer to define how data can be migrated into your Functionality’s records


  • Functionality can be locked to prevent accidental modifications
  • All Functionality sets maintained by the Server Owner workspace are available in read-only mode to all other business workspaces that are created within the trellispark installation

Do not modify the provided Server Owner and Workspace Owner Functionality as you may break the framework and have issues installing future updates.

Updated on June 3, 2024

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