Financial Portfolio


This application helps you to track your assets and liabilities, and record their depreciation. This helps you to make sure your assets are all being utilized to their full potential, and replace or add additional assets if necessary. 

Diagram showing the relationships between concepts in the Financial Portfolio functionality.


  • Track and manage your assets – Ensure you always know who or where your asset is assigned to, so it can be retrieved if needed. 
  • Manage your liabilities – Monitoring your liabilities allows you to reduce them where possible, and mitigate the impact they have on your operations. 
  • Monitor your revenue streams – Keeping track of what brings revenue into your company allows you to best capitalize on opportunities when they arise, and make decisions based on how they will influence your top earners. 


  • Track your assets 
    • Asset type, worth, location, and person it is assigned to 
  • Monitor revenue and expenses 
  • Minimize liabilities 
Updated on June 3, 2024

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